F777 Fighter Game – Play Free and for Real Money

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The F777 Fighter is a brand-new and innovative online game based on military aircraft design. It's a multiplayer game with several similarities to smash games. The multiplier coefficient in this game grows from the start of the game session until it crashes with the F777 Fighter.

F777 Fighter Aircraft

The goal of F777 Fighter is to win with the greatest possible multiplier coefficient before the F777 Fighter aircraft crashes. The Win is the player's bet times the multiplier coefficient.

F777 Fighter Aircraft Crash

The term "F777 Fighter aircraft crash" refers to any hit, shoot, cripple, or other animations that cause the F777 Fighter aircraft to explode.

How to Start the Game Round?

The game session of F777 Fighter is a multiplayer game that many people play at the same time. Regardless of whether or not You have started a game round, the game session begins. This means that while other players are flying and crashing F777 Fighter planes, as well as other gaming actions and outcomes, You can view them without having to start a game round.

The game session refers to the time period between the appearance of a first multiplier coefficient on the screen and the moment when the F777 Fighter aircraft crashes.

Only after you've placed a wager can you begin a game round. The game session is when the game begins. The game round lasts from the time that the first multiplier coefficient appears on-screen until the F777 Fighter aircraft crash or your click on the Take button ( whichever comes first), whichever occurs first.

To begin a game round, you must put an amount on your bet and choose the Make Bet option. Each time You start a game round, a sum deducted from your balance according to the value of your bet is determined.

F777 Fighter Bet Rules

The bet can only be placed before the start of a game round, either during set betting time or after you've finished playing that round for the next game. You can terminate your bet by clicking the Cancel button before the start of the game. No bets may be made, amended, or canceled once the game begins. After starting, you may cancel your wager by selecting Cancel from the drop-down menu. You return your balance and account to pre-bet status by clicking on Cancel.

Please bear in mind that closing a bet by clicking Cancel may result in some wagers and/or bonuses being void.

You can wager by entering the amount of your bet using the keyboard (after clicking on the bet value), clicking on any of the buttons indicating a certain value of bet, located on the right side of Make Bet button, or pressing "Bet" with one click.

In the Bet sector, the bet value is shown in the currency in which you play on the platform.

Max Bet

By clicking on the Max Bet button, you may select the maximum amount of money wagered.

More than One Bet in F777 Fighter Game You have the ability to make two bets at the same time and win more with this game. To utilize this function, click on the "+" button next to the Make Bet button and a second Bet sector will instantly display.

In order to place a second wager, you must repeat all of the steps in the first Bet sector for the first bet, namely set the value of the bet and hit the Make Bet button that corresponds to the second bet.

The first and second bets are not linked. You may set different values for each bet, as well as making only one of the bets. To finish the second Bet sector, click the "X" button on the right side of the Make Bet button.

How to Take the Win?

You must click on the Take button before the F777 Fighter crashes in order to win. After clicking on the Take button, the game round will be automatically concluded. If the F777 Fighter crash occurs first, you lose the game round and any bets (if two bets were placed) that were intended to begin it.

After each game round, there is a Take button that allows you to win. It appears after the start of the game round and stays until the F777 Fighter crashes or takes the Win, whichever happens first The amount you wagered is multiplied by the multiplier coefficient shown on the game screen. On Take button, you may see how much more money you can win if you make a specific action (or not).

In the situation where You made two bets prior to the start of game round 2, you may win.

In the case that you pick this option, you must first click on the Take button. This means that if You have made 2 bets for the game round and selected the Take button in one of the Bet sectors, you will only win what is shown on the chosen Take button.

When no further click on the remaining Take button is performed before the F777 Fighter goes down, the bet amount associated with that Bet sector is lost.

Payout rules

This game does not feature paylines. After you click the Take button, Win's payout is calculated automatically.


In this game, you may place bets on each subsequent game round as well as the winnings from each game round to be processed automatically without clicking on corresponding buttons during the Auto mode session.

Auto Bet

To enable auto mode for the bet and make the bet be made automatically for each game round (Auto Bet), simply click on the Auto Bet switch button in the Bet sector to turn it on (active button has a golden color) and define the value of your wager before the end of game round. You may start an Auto Bet session for 1 or 2 bets by selecting the Auto option from the drop-down menu in the corresponding Sector. The next game round will trigger the Auto Bet session.

The Auto Bet session lets you alter the bet's value after taking the Win in the corresponding game round, but prior to the F777 Fighter aircraft crash in this game round.

During the Auto Bet session, you may abort your bet for the following game round by clicking on the corresponding Cancel button before such a game round begins. The Auto Bet session does not terminate when you click on the Cancel button. You must click on the Auto Bet switch button to make it inoperative (inactive button is grey in color).

When the player's bet amount is more than his or her balance (not enough cash/other units on your balance to make such a bet), the Automate Bet session is automatically closed.

Auto Take

To enable auto mode for the take function, that is, to cause Win to automatically take when the set multiplier coefficient appears on the game screen (Auto Take), simply click on the Auto Take switch button in the Take sector to activate it and set the multiplier coefficient before the end of the game round.

After selecting the multiplier ratio, you may choose to initiate Auto Take by clicking on the appropriate "+" and "- " buttons in the Take sector or entering the take amount with your keyboard (afterclicking on the take value).

You may start the Auto Take session in relation to one or two bets by clicking on the Auto switch button in the Take sector. The next game round will begin automatically with the beginning of the Auto Take session.

After taking the Win for the corresponding game round but prior to the F777 Fighter crash in this game round, you can modify the take (multiplier coefficient) value in the Auto Take session.

During the Auto Take session, you may take the Win before the multiplier coefficient indicated in Take sector appears by clicking on the corresponding Take button. The Auto Take session is not concluded when you click on the Take button. You must click on the Inactive (grey color) Auto Take switch button to stop and conclude the Auto Take session.) To quit and finish an Auto Take session, you must first deactivate it using a switch button.

The automated game session is completed when the player's bet amount is greater than their balance (you don't have enough money/other units to make such a bet).

Auto Take and Auto Bet will cease if you are disconnected.

Pay attention that, in Auto Take mode, your win will only be taken after the end of refueling. For example, if you have a bet of $1 and an Auto Take coefficient of 7.00 and the refueling (to which 20% was allocated) started at 6:30 p.m., and ended with a coefficient of 7.56 – your prize will be automatically taken after the end of refueling. In addition, if the refueling ends with F777 Fighter crash – the game round will be deemed to be finished at coefficient 6.30, and no prize will be given to you.

F777 Fighter Bonus

The multiplier coefficient in F777 Fighter is increased by the aerial refueling aircrafts. Following the completion of a refueling operation on an F777 Fighter jet, the multiplier coefficient that was prior to such refueling rises on the percentage allotted to the aerial refueler.

When the multiplier coefficient was 7.77 before refueling, it will be 9.32 after being refuelled by an aerial refueling aircraft that had 20% of its capacity reserved for other missions.

The bonus is only credited after the end of refueling. In the event that the refueling comes to an end with F777 Fighter catastrophe (that is, just after the conclusion of the fuel), no bonus will be given.

F777 Fighter Jackpot

A progressive jackpot (Jackpot) is accessible in the F777 Fighter. This jackpot is only available in this game and has nothing to do with any other titles. The current value of the Jackpot is shown on the game screen when it is won. When the Jackpot prize is won, all winners are informed, and the prize's value resets to its starting level.

After the multiplier coefficient in the game reaches 3.00, the Jackpot may be won. A random number generator determines when and how the Jackpot will be won. The multiplayer game is Fighter, so anyone who does not end the game round by taking the Win after the multiplier coefficient exceeded 3.00 before the moment of Jackpot win can win it.

The jackpot prize value will be dispersed and paid out in the following manner:

  • The prize pool is divided equally between the winners according to the proportion of their win/s value to the total amount of bets made by all winners. If, for example, you bet $5 and your wins total $100 (including yourself), you will receive 5% of the Jackpot prize pool;

  • If there is just one winner, all the Jackpot value will be taken by that person.

Payouts for a jackpot win will be calculated on the basis of the Jackpot value as provided by the server. If the connection between the platform and servers where the information on the Jackpot is kept breaks down, the game becomes inaccessible, and no donations or claims are permitted toward the Jackpot; instead, its value stays constant until communication is restored.

Only mutual decisions should be final and no further correspondence with the players should be entered into, as this is subject to verification by the platform and game supplier.

Additional features

You may view your own last game round results and the outcomes of other gamers by clicking on the My Bets button, as well as see the outcomes of other participants by clicking on the Players button in this game. Please note that in order to play this game, you must agree and expressly consent to have your name, Win, as well as Bet value and multiplier displayed.

Additional Information

The platform where You play may have its own set of rules and parameters, some of which may be more stringent than the ones presented here. The following issues and settings are possible subject to the platform's terms and conditions:

  • There are procedures used to manage unfinished games.

  • When your game session is inactive, it will automatically end.

Please refer to the website of the online game platform where you play for additional information.

Please keep in mind that clicking near any symbol, element, or button on some devices is exactly the same as clicking on the corresponding button.

In the event of a game software failure, all impacted game bets are canceled and all affected wagers are refunded. Rendering bets void implies that any profits, including Wins and jackpot wins, as well as any other bonuses accrued or credited as a result of invalid bet, are erased and shall be paid out.

Please keep in mind that the internet connection speed may have an impact on the game.


The theoretical statistical percentage of all money wagered in a game that is paid out as winnings over time is known as RTP.

The RTP varies depending on the strategy of the player. The RTP in Manual mode (when Auto Take is deactivated) is equal to 93-95%. The RTP in Auto Take mode (when Auto Take is turned on) is equal to 91.5-94.5 percent.

Reality Check

Keep in mind reality checks. The platform where you play may conduct some reality checks on its own. Please be advised that your game round will be halted by the operator if you set time limits for such reality check alert messages. Prior to starting the game round, you must verify the rules associated with a reality check, crash game's suspension and renewal by the platform operator.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Unique style

  • High jackpots

  • Auto-playing mode

  • Wide variety of bet amounts


  • Volatile gameplay

Final Thouhgt:

This is a great game for those who are looking for a unique style of play and the potential to win big jackpots. The auto-playing mode is also a great feature, allowing you to sit back and relax while the game plays itself. However, the gameplay can be quite volatile, so it is important to be aware of that before you start playing.


What is the minimum amount that can be bet in the game?

The minimum amount that can be bet in the game is 1 credit.

What is the RTP of the game?

The RTP of the game varies depending on the mode of play. In manual mode, the RTP is 93-95%. In auto-take mode, the RTP is 91.5-94.5%.

What happens if I lose my internet connection while playing?

If you lose your internet connection while playing, all affected game bets are rendered void and all affected bets are refunded.

Are there any advantages or disadvantages to playing the game?

Some advantages of playing the game include its unique style, high jackpots, auto-playing mode, and wide variety of bet amounts. Some disadvantages of playing the game include its volatile gameplay.

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